Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Memories - Part 2

As much fun as we had with the Grandmas and Grandpas on Saturday and Sunday, Monday was a special day for the four of us. Just me and my boys...all three of them. Before it got crazy humid, we took Henry and Sam to the gardens to explore. For those who haven't been to the OSU Botanical Garden, you're missing out.

Henry with his daddy, waiting patiently for me to change little brother's diaper. It never fails. As soon as we get in the car to go somewhere, or just moments after arriving, Sam poops. It's like he does it on purpose.

Don't you know the students that built this tower had a good time creating it. I've heard of saving corks, but who knew you could make such interesting contraptions from bottles? Pinterest, where have you been? That's it...I hereby vow to drink more wine so I can do something crafty with the corks AND the bottles!

Which reminds of my favorite Pinterest funnies (because it's so much classier this way)

Pinned Image

Back to our morning at the gardens.

Lots of ideas on what to plant in our south/west facing flower beds!

Who knew boulders could be so much fun?!

They even have chickens at the gardens. Had it not been for the chicken wire between Sam and the rooster, I'm quite certain Sam would have been flogged.

Even Captain Hook visits the gardens from time to time.

On the road again.

Sam crash landed in a pile of leaves.

Attempting to be just like big brother and leap off the 2 ft rock/bench.

It didn't work out so well for Sam...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Memories - Part 1

I was fortunate to enjoy a four day Memorial Day weekend/vacation. We kicked off vacation with Lauren Clark on Friday. This was our second attempt to photograph the boys. Yes, Henry and Sam were in such a mood last time that we had to reschedule. But, this meant I got to spend more time with my super talented friend, Lauren, so it worked out well. Last attempt was after school, so we opted for the morning this time. Pictures to come...

Grandma Ward joined us for pictures on Friday and a trip to the "Wonderful Museum", as Henry likes to call it. You may know it as the Wondertorium.

We were lucky to get a DOUBLE dose of Grandma this weekend. Saturday we gallivanted to Blackwell to visit family - Papa Bo, Aunt Ann, Uncle Omar, Baby Molly, Uncle Creyton (visiting from Wyoming)...and Papa and Grandma, of course. Sam soaked up lots of love from his Papa during our trip. They cuddled on the porch all Sunday morning.

Sam has a special radar for sunglasses. It doesn't matter where I hide them, Sam finds them.

And covers them with love and fingerprints!

But how can I get upset with this face?

I'm so thankful for my sentimental Grandmother Shirley who kept all of my dad's old army men. Now Henry and Sam are enjoying them...and Papa too.

Sweet Miss Molly. I got to cuddle with Molly for over an hour Sunday morning. Jealous? You should be. She's an angel. And yes, I have officially developed baby fever. Wade, however, has not. So, I've settled for soaking up every moment I can with Molly. I'm in love with her.

The DINO king.

We ended our day with Mamaw and Papaw Shaw. Can't get much better than that.
Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, evenings aren't optimal for taking pictures of the boys. We'll have to get more photos of Mamaw and Papaw Shaw during their next AM visit.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Buzz Lightyear and the Blue M&M

I'm not sure what prompted the Buzz transformation, but as soon as we got home from school last week, Henry desperately wanted to bust out the costumes. And for the next two hours, he and Sam flew to infinity and beyond.

Because we only have one Buzz costume, Sam settled for being the Blue M&M. I offered to craft some wings out of cardboard, but Sam was content with the round chocolaty goodness.

Adjusting the laser.

Trying to determine which button will make him fly the highest.