Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easter Weekend

We broke through our box and spent a non-traditional Easter weekend with good friends at Tablerock Lake. It was glorious.

In addition to giving thanks, hunting eggs and Easter bunnies, and enjoying good grub...there was wrestling. Lots and lots of wrestling. William and Sam were at it all weekend. WWF pandemonium.


Sgt. Slaughter Sam vs. William the Terminator

Pinned. Or, is he bluffing?

Psyche! Totally bluffing.

I want to know who taught Sam these moves?!

And when the boys weren't wrestling, the adults were zipping down cables.

Tower #1. Yes, it was as tall as it seems. No, I did not look down.

Even the fearless thought it was a mighty high climb.

There was plenty of time to wait...we were a slow bunch. William and Henry found the perfect rock to cop a squat and wait for our much anticipated acrobatics.

Kyle. Making sure everyone knows he was the first to climb the tower. Show off.

Me. Breathless and relieved to have made it to the top.

Kyle was the first to take the leap of faith.

Disclaimer: I'm a good friend and will not be posting any photos of myself or my girlfriends in our uber flattering (ha), uber snug harnesses, dangling from cables.

Henry's first introduction to bubble gum.


The guys.

Throwing rocks to pass the time.

Group numero dos. Because we had to split kid watching duties, we had to zip in two shifts.

Andrew surveying his dominion.


Wade giving his variation of "how".

Hence the reason we waited so long...look at the size of their group. Any more people and I'm sure we'd have seen someone plumet to their death. (Not really.)

And you guessed it. More wrestling. Kyle had to get in on the action during this Round.

It's a Bug's Life.

After a day of zipping and sun, the girls took advantage of the clouds on Saturday and headed into Eureka Springs for an afternoon of shopping. We also found our first Geocache. For those who don't know, geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online. Any geocachers out there?

After finding our first geocache at the marina.
(The man taking the picture is obviously a fisherman, not a photographer.)

Carey - I have some pretty hilarious pictures of the boys in the whirlpool bath. I'll share these with you off-line.


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