Monday, May 28, 2012

Mom's Day

I was fortunate to celebrate both my birthday and Mother's Day on the same day this year. And the love of my children on Mother's Day was the best birthday gift I could have asked for. It was also one year ago, on my 31st birthday, that my mom was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer. And on my 32nd birthday, we got to celebrate her being cancer free. What incredible gifts.

For my birthday, Wade (unbeknown to him) treated me to plants from TLC for the front flower beds. I had a special helper with me, who was careful to ensure we picked out a wide variety of colors - blue, yellow, pink, red.

My same little helper even helped with planting after his nap. He hopped out of bed so eager to help that he completely forgot his pants. When I told him, "Henry! You don't have any pants on!" He explained, "That's okay, Momma. I don't need pants to help you dig."

With the flower beds in bloom, we were ready to entertain our family on the 13th. Ann and Omar brought their new baby girl, Molly, and we got to love on her all day. Because it was my birthday, I got first dibs. What a sweetheart. I'm smitten...and giddy about FINALLY being able to buy pink!

The boys showered Molly with kisses. They still ask about when they'll see Molly again...they LOVE her. Almost as much as I do.

She's perfect

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