Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring in the Garden

When the forsythia turns its radiant yellow, I know spring is on its way. And that our frequent picnics at the Botanical Gardens will soon resume.

The budding redbud trees are always a favorite. Their brilliant purple against the naked trees and bare ground is always a tell-tale sign that sping is coming.

For me, this spring, it was also a sign that life will go on...

Although things will never be the same without her, there is still beauty to behold and life to be shared and embraced...

And my munchkins are a constant reminder to smile and live each day to its absolute fullest.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Teddy Bear Surgery

What an Open House! The OSU Veterinary Medicine students hosted an Open House today for the Stillwater community. It was wonderful...everything from painted horses to teddy bear surgery...and so many things in between. After this morning, I think we may have two future veterinarians in the making.
Veterinarian: "Do you know what bone this is?"
Sam: "A LEG!"
Such a smart boy, our Sam.

Sam was beside himself. Some of these bugs were CRAZY BIG. Yes, that's a legitimate measurement.

See. I told you they were crazy big.

Time for new friends and check-ups. Sam chose a red bear, which he named "Bear". Sam is very original. Henry chose a Scooby-Doo and named him Jack Spencer Shaw. No, I'm not kidding.

Both Bear and Jack Spencer Shaw needed surgery to fix their ailments.

After surgery, Bear and Jack Spencer Shaw were taken directly to Recovery and Physical Therapy.

Acupuncture was an important part of their rehabilitation.


And after Physical Therapy, we took Bear and Jack Spencer Shaw outside for some fresh air. Because we all know that fresh air always does the body good.