Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Your Grandma

Henry and Sam,

I want you both to know, and never forget, how special you were to your Grandma. She loved you so much. "Taller than the mountains, deeper than the ocean," she would say...every time she saw you.

She would do anything for you, and did. Henry, when you were born, Grandma came to stay for several days. She had been having back problems and it was painful for her to bend over and lift you out of your crib. But she did it anyway, because she couldn't stand not to hold you. It wasn't long after that she had back surgery...she said there wasn't anything in the world she wanted more than to hold and play with her boy. You were her boy.

The day you were born. Grandma was the first one to hold you, after me and your dad, of course. She was so proud and fell instantly in love. You were her first grandbaby.

You made it through your first Grandma's arms. You were only two weeks old.


"Taller than the mountains, Henry"

Sam, Grandma was one of the first to get her arms around you, too. The yellow blanket you're sleeping in is one that she made for you. And it has been your comfort and constant companion since the day you were born. To this day, it's the blanket you nap with at school. I think it reminds you of her.


Always hand-in-hand
Sam, your best naps were always with Grandma. You both loved sleeping next to each other. Grandma would tickle your back and you would whisper "I love you, Grandma." The day she went to heaven you disappeared...after a moment of panic, we found you curled up on Grandma's side of her bed, asleep on her pillow. It was then I knew you understood.

You always smiled when Grandma held you in her arms.

Henry, you taught Grandma how to play Angry Birds. After Grandma's funeral, Grandpa sent you home with her "iPad" like to remind Sam that it is your special gift from Grandma. Probably because you don't want to share, but also because it's extra special...from Grandma to you.
A few days ago while helping me in the kitchen you said, "Mommy. Do you know who I love most of all? It's Grandma. Someday, if the earth explodes, or I get sick, or old...I will see Grandma again. I miss her." Me too, Henry. Me too.

Grandma had big plans for you, Sam. She was determined to make you a pianist. You loved listening to her play. But then, you love all things and Grandma had that in common, for sure.

She wrote you a song, Sam. We sing it everyday on the way to school.
Sam, Sam. Samuel Wade.
He is so special, and wonderfully made.
God formed his spirit, mind and soul.
He is so precious, I love him so.
Sam, Sam. Samuel Wade.
He is so special, and wonderfully made.

She wrote you a song, too, Henry.
Henry, Henry, Henry.
Henry's my little man,
I love him more than the whole outside,
And deeper than the oceans wide.
Feeding fish was also a big deal when we went to Grandma's house. Grandma and Grandpa built their pond especially for you, their grandbabies.

Your Grandma was something special. There was no one in the whole world like her, and I wish you could have had more time with her. But you were blessed beyond measure during her short time here on earth. She'll always be a part of you. And she'll love you for eternity.




Lorrie Desbien said...

My goodness your oldest looks like your dad. So honored to have known her. She was the epitome of grace and class.

George Becker said...

Beautiful woman, beautiful family, beautiful children and a beautiful testament to all!

Heather Briggs said...

Oh heart is so full with love for my grandsons (and my eyes are full of tears) after reading this. I promise to not take one moment I am with my grandsons for granted and to strive to be the best Grammy I can be for them. Your mom is my inspiration...thank you.