Monday, June 20, 2011

That's my Funday

It may have been Sunday for The Bangles, but Saturday was Funday for The Shaws. It was the first Saturday we've all been home in over a month and we spent it soaking up sun, heat, Zzz's and grocery shopping. It was the perfect "I don't have to Runday".

Our lazy day began in the crib.

Sam thinks his big brother is a weirdo...some days I tend to agree. Gets it from dad.

Cheek to cheek

Notice the bite marks on the bed railing. Henry had to leave his mark. Literally.

Telling secrets

Time to move this party outside!

Oh jeez this water is COLD!

What's the problem? It's not THAT cold, brother.

He's pretending to model for One Step Ahead...doesn't he make you want to go out a buy a kiddie pool?!

One of the few times he was actually still enough for me to snap a photo. We call him Lightning McQueen.

Henry thought splashing might be fun. Sam disagreed.

Handsome little devil

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JT Tollett said...

I love that picture of Sam when he's looking bashfully at the camera! So adorable. I sure wish my Asher would take a pacifer like Sam.....stink pot. See ya soon friend!