Monday, March 3, 2014

More Christmas Memories

This Christmas was particularly special and was our last with Mom here on earth. And because she couldn't make it to our traditional Christmas Eve church service, we brought church and hymns to her. It was Omar on the guitar, and Sam leading vocals.

Christmas morning...what Santa and his elves left for the good boys and girl. A kitchen for Molly, Star Wars and Skylanders for Henry, and a new car for Sam.

Still half-asleep Sam

A tube of insects! Oh my!

Henry has a weird obsession with Skylanders. He loves collecting the characters, but has no idea they are actually pieces to a video game. We not only don't own a Skylander video game, we don't even own a gaming system. Henry just saw them on the store shelf one day and fell instantly in love. Must be a boy thing.

Who knew flashlights would be the hit for Sam...Grandma assisted as Sam put a flashlight on every finger.

Chocolate for breakfast? Why not.

Time to re-decorate the tree...again!

Moments before Molly's cabbage patch doll went into the oven...apparently an oven also serves as a makeshift crib. When you think about it, it's actually quite ingenious. The oven provides a flat, warm place to rest, you can see your baby through the glass door, and with the oven door closed, you can't hear it cry. And it's also a great space saver. Brilliant, Molly!

Henry sat with Grandma and told her everything she ever wanted to know about Skylanders...and more. A precious, precious memory.


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