Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Our baby boy turned ONE on June 16. Wow. Time continues to fly. It seems like we should be celebrating a 6 month birthday, not ONE YEAR.

Life has been so crazy this summer that we decided against a big birthday bash and instead celebrated with Mamaw and Papaw the Tuesday prior, and Grandma and Papa the day of...below are some memories of Sam's big day.

It's Mickey! FINALLY, Sam has his very own Mickey Mouse and can now stop stealing Henry's...Henry is so relieved.

Just kidding...Henry is confused and thinks he's received a second Mickey. Let the fighting begin!

Sam watching in disbelief as his brother attempts to claim the new Mickey as his own.

Birthday dinner = roast, carrots and potatoes

And let us not forget the cupcakes!

I wonder what he was talking about??? It was intense...whatever it was.

More Henry being Henry

He's had more than his fair share of sprinkles

The newlyweds

Still working...

Leftovers anyone?


Sweet boy after a spray down...and enjoying some strawberry icing residue on that bottom lip

And if you didn't get your fill of strawberry cupcakes, try a Nerf dart!

Reading Dr. Seuss on the iPhone

Can you tell it's past Sam's bedtime?

It just gets worse...

Goodnight, Sam


bethany said...

Happy Birthday Sam!! HOW did it go so quickly?????

Ash said...

I can't believe he's one Michal! I remember last year this time seeing him as a newborn!! Too fast =)