Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Christmas Fort and Two Tiny Reindeer

This Christmas is the first year Henry and Sam have watched The Polar Express. It's been more of a hit with Henry than Sam. Mickey isn't the star in this flick, so Sam isn't that interested. Henry is convinced the Santa in The Polar Express is THE real Santa. "Mom! Look! It's the REAL Santa!", he screams.

The Christmas fort couldn't have fallen on a better night. Jodi, the boys' FAVORITE babysitter/nanny was coming to watch them the evening of the 14th, and Jodi is famous for her fort building ability. Henry and Sam were giddy the moment I read the card to them.
They even found the moose antlers left over from Henry's moose birthday party. Talk about your Christmas spirit! Never mind that their antlers were pointed the wrong direction.

Or, at times, worn around the waist.

When I said Jodi was famous for building forts, I wasn't lying...she came equipped with singing Santa lights and extension cords. The girl means business.


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Jodi Delgado said...

It was such a blessing getting to watch your boys again! Henry had detailed plans on how he wanted his fort. The singing Santa lights were just the finishing touch needed for his Outer-Space Santa Sleigh Fort. :)