Monday, December 3, 2012

Let the Countdown Begin!

This Christmas the Shaw family started a new tradition. One that involves an advent calendar and 25 days of family fun...or, adventure of some kind. Welcome our family calendar...

Saturday morning, on December 1, Henry drew the first card - "Decorate our family Christmas tree". Now, partly because the tree had been lit and standing in our living room since last weekend, and partly because the breakable ornaments (the ones the boys really wanted to get their hands on) were already hanging on the tallest branches, decorating the tree was fairly anticlimactic. In fact, I think Henry lost interest altogether after hanging two bulbs.
That's okay though...the goal is for excitement to build over the next 25 days.

Our fully decorated family Christmas tree
On Sunday, Wade took Henry shopping for a CASA angel. Henry was proud of all his angel purchases, but was probably most excited about the new superhero underwear he selected. Underwear wasn't on our angel's list, but what 6 year old boy wouldn't be excited about sporting superheros on his dairy aire?!
For more information about CASA, visit their website at

Tonight, the boys visited Santa...well, sort of.

You can tell how thrilled Henry was when we finally arrived. The closer we got to Jolly Saint Nick, the tighter Henry gripped Daddy's hand.

This was the point when I knew we were in trouble. And that Santa was not going to happen.

Although he refused to get within six feet of Santa, Henry did ask that I tell Santa he wanted a dragon, a dinosaur, and a robot for Christmas...and in that order.

As you can clearly see, Sam was also a big fan of Saint Nick. Not.

Sam was proud of his Santa ornament though. It was a peace offering from Santa himself.

At least Olivia was there to put a smile on Henry's face.

Henry was much too distracted with Olivia and the dog to notice that Sam had helped himself to Henry's cookie. Henry's expression is classic.
Sam had food, and Henry had the company of a friend and a new ornament. Santa may have gone over like a lead balloon, but we left with smiles on our faces.

Stay tuned for more...the advent fun has only begun.


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