Monday, April 16, 2012

Phase I

Tonight we broke ground. Finally. The original plan was to begin building on Saturday, but with the torrential downpours and tornado sirens, construction had to be postponed until this evening.

The challenge: to put together 600 pounds of lumber in T minus five days. The big birthday party bash is Saturday. And I'm counting on the fort being constructed by then. Otherwise, I'll have to pray Pin the Tail on the Moose and Moosical Chairs is enough to occupy five toddlers.

So, your prayers and encouragement are much appreciated as we function on little sleep and sore limbs this week. And if you get a wild hair and want to come and lend a hand...or a are more than welcome.

Studying the frame

A BOX car train. Bah, ha, ha.

The boxes entertained them for an entire hour.

As the sun went down, the train transformed into giant rafts protecting them from great white sharks! Run for your life, Henry!


Slowly, but surely, a few more boards were added. Have I got a great husband, or what?!


Hiding from the sharks

Silly Henry


Swimming in open water

One of three piles of lumber that remain after Phase I


After rolling around in spider-infested grass, the boys cooled off in the shower.

Stay tuned for Phase II. It's going to be one crazy week!

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