Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Phase

If it rains during the party, the boys will now have a roof over their head.

Watching daddy hard at work.

Legs are still dangling. We obviously didn't get to the step that involves constructing a ladder between each level. Maybe tomorrow?

I feel an obligation to share some of the research and rationale that was involved in us choosing this particular fort...for moms and dads with a fort in their near future.

I began researching "wooden swing sets" over a year ago knowing full well that our little hoodlums would want one some day. And I found the PERFECT company with THE perfect wooden fort. The company's website promised to bring the magic of Northern White Cedar to our backyard. No chemicals. No splinters. No maintenance. This seemed the obvious choice. But there were no prices on their website, so...I requested a catalogue. And several weeks later when the set of brochures arrived I understood why prices were absent on their virtual catalogue. Would you believe that one of the wooden fortresses had a price tag over $43,000?! For a SWING SET! And if they're marketing this magical white cedar wonderland, people must actually be buying. What do these people do?! Why not just rent Disney World for the day?

Okay, so on to Plan B. There was another company (with locations in OKC) that also seemed low maintenance and ranked high in safety. But again, no prices on their website. And I'll give you one guess why. The cheapest fort in their catalogue was still over $3,000. And not in our budget.

That's when I finally saw the light and headed to where I found our bargain. We got three levels, a 10-foot slide, swings AND a rock climbing wall. All for less than $1,000. Go to Sam's Club, friends. Go to Sam's Club.

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Ramona from Sam's Club said...

Michal, the swing set is coming along nicely! We are glad that you are happy with your purchase. Thank you for sharing AND for shopping at Sam’s Club! – Ramona from Sam’s Club