Friday, April 20, 2012

We are Shaws. Hear us roar.

Wade did it. We have a slide. Ladders. Two swings. We would have a third swing, but we're short one bolt. Nothing a weekend trip to Lowe's can't fix.

The boys are in love.

Henry was glued to the double swing. Sometimes he would swing. Other times he just sat and admired his "giant tent".

Very confused by the green chains.

Now why do you suppose they chose green?

Sam was relieved to have a swing all to himself. The tree that used to bare the weight of Sam and his swing is also grateful.

Seriously. Another picture.

It didn't take long for Henry to figure out how to swing himself.

Thank you Mamaw and Papaw Shaw, and Grandma and Papa Ward, for donating to the fort fund for the boys' birthdays. Henry and Sam are overjoyed.

Henry's big moose party is manana. So much fun to be had this weekend! Stay tuned for moose coverage.

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