Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oodles of Noodles

One of Henry's all time favorite dishes is spaghetti. This happens to be my least favorite to clean up...he gets it EVERYWHERE. I'm not even sure he enjoys eating it that much...I think he gets excited on spaghetti nights just because he has oodles of noodles to decorate our kitchen floor. Needless to say, the shirt comes off pre-spaghetti dinners.

Some other things Henry enjoys at 19 months...

Putting lotion in his hair after baths

Reading books with Grandma

Helping Daddy with outdoor chores

Watching Mickey Mouse in the morning while Mommy puts on his shoes and socks...Mickey is the ONLY thing that he'll sit still for...and this is the only time we watch T.V. Well...Mickey in the mornings and football on Saturdays. Henry cheers, "Go Cowboys" every time Wade has a game on...doesn't matter who's playing.

Oops! Five minutes of Mickey window for shoes and socks...gone.

And one of his newest and most favorite past times...pulling out Mommy's shoes and sporting them around the house.

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