Monday, August 2, 2010

July Continued...

I asked Henry if he wanted to sleep with Pooh Bear or Micky Mouse. He replied, "No, I sleep with fishing pole", the fishing pole it was.

Aunt Ann let Henry crawl onto the top bunk (fully supervised). Too bad Ann had her eyes Henry's expression in this picture.

Mom and Ann came to visit during Krazy Days so we decided to brave the heat and look for bargains. We found very few, but almost made out with a new cat from the Beadery . Apparently, this cat decided he'd take a stroll with Sam downtown. Good thing for Wade that we discovered the cat before packing up the stroller. Although I'm sure Henry would have loved a new kitty...someday...right, Honey?!

We girls (plus Sam...and minus one black cat) returned home to find the men sleeping. Wade was snoozing in the bedroom and Henry had passed out on Papa. Quite a sight. All that shopping must have worn them out.

Sponge bath #2

Toot, Toot! Seriously, you have no idea how fitting this onsie is for Sam.

Our handsome little guy is seven weeks old today!

Mom! Quit taking pictures and PICK ME UP!!


Anonymous said...

love it! You thought you were organized before! :) what a beautiful family! Leesa

Brooke and Peter said...

i love him!!!!!