Thursday, July 5, 2012

Golden Anniversary

On June 23, family and friends gathered at the Steer Inn in Cushing, OK to celebrate 50 years of marriage with my mother and father-in-law. What an incredible example of devotion and unconditional love Sid and Marcia are to us. No doubt any 50-year marriage has had its fair share of ups and downs, but also an abundance of love, family, and a lifetime of memories. Thank you, Sid and Marica, for the blessing you are to me, Wade and our boys.

Henry teaching Sam, Lily and Rick how to use the Easy Bake Oven, iPad style. (Thanks to our friend, Rebecca E., Henry has become an expert Easy Bake chef.)

Excited that Sam has finally caught on and is GENEROUSLY using sprinkles for decorating. I mean, one can never have too many sugar crystals, right?

My handsome nephew, Rick, patiently awaiting his turn to play something a bit more challenging than Easy Bake. Barely a teenager, Rick is already a genious. I'm hoping some of his brains will rub off on our boys. We love Rick, and we're so proud of him.

The four cousins (i.e. TROUBLE). Deral Dunn, Wade Shaw, Dewayne Dunn and Garland Shaw. I understand Sid had gray hairs sprout up overnight when the four of them were sleeping under the same roof.

Without Dewayne's DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS expression.

The older, wiser cousins.

My Two Sons

One (of three) of Sid's beautiful sisters, and our Aunt Margaret. And her handsome husband, David.

Aunt Margaret and Sparky, the pooch.

All of the people and noise wore Sam out. He fell asleep in my arms and slept a solid 3+ hours Saturday afternoon. An answer to prayer...until it came to the actual party. He was so well rested that he ran circles around the restaurant for most of the evening. If I had thought through the day a bit more, I would have postponed nap time until the restaurant. Unfortunately, Wade and I spent much of our time that evening securing all exits and chasing our youngest bambino.

Becca and David, chillaxin on Sid's porch swing. The perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Relaxing and visiting with family on the back porch. I'd gladly take a month of Saturdays just like this...especially if I could turn the thermostat down 15 degrees.

Deral and Diane

Madaline and Troy Dunn

Garland and Sparky...I'm not sure I realized Garland had blue eyes until this picture. So, Henry and Sam's blue eyes are such an odd phenomenon afterall.

Carolina and Garland

The couple we all came to celebrate

Party Pics

It was so good of Marcia and Sid to invite my parents and my sister's family to their party. This, of course, gave my parents an opportunity to meet more of the Shaw's. And gave me an opportunity to show off Miss Molly, the sweetest baby girl in the world. Not that I'm a proud aunt or anything.

Cutting the cake

Rick and his gorgeous mom, Carolina.

Beautimous Molly

Sam with his Papaw...during the one millisecond Sam was actually sitting still.

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