Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Buster's First Pictures

These are pictures from our first ultrasound on September 24. It was amazing! At only 8 weeks, we were able to see Baby Buster's heart beat and watch him wiggle his arms and legs (I think he/she is going to be a rock star). Our next ultrasound is on November 26. In less than one week we'll know if Buster is a boy or girl.


Brooke & Peter said...

ahhhhhh!!! this will be one of my daily blogs that i read religiously!!! can't wait to watch baby buster grow! i miss you! keep the posts and pics coming. i will llink this to my blog- www.brookeandpeter.blogspot.com

Micca said...

Michal- Yeaaa!!! Welcome to blog world. I was reading Brooke's facebook and saw your blog address. I bet you cannot wait to find out if Baby Shaw is a boy or girl. Glad everything is good good for you. Happy Thanksgiving!!!