Monday, May 24, 2010

Update Numero Dos

We got a good report from the doctor this AM. There were no major concerns, and all minor concerns were ruled out during our hospital visit on Friday. The doctor basically put the ball in our court…he said we could (a) bump up the cesarean, or (b) I could promise to take it easy and try to make it to June 16. I chose option (b). It’s only three more weeks…and in three more weeks, baby will be stronger. Waiting until the 16th means risking an emergency cesarean, but if it’s a cesarean either way, I opted for going as long as possible.

Baby is measuring ahead of schedule, but our doctor assures me this is okay and could be a result of high fluid. It does not necessarily mean I'm going to have a giant. So, great news. Thanks for lifting us up these past few days.

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bethany said...

Wahoo! Great news! Glad to hear everything is okay. Also glad that baby gets to "cook" a little longer. The race is on my friend - which of our babies will make their appearance first?

PS: Can I say that I am really glad to know that someone else on this prego journey is still pregnant? I feel like everyone else has already had their babies and I'm going to be pregnant forever...