Sunday, May 23, 2010

Peanut Update

Peanut is growing at rapid speed and promises mommy with every kick and somersault that he/she will be every bit as big as Henry. I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll make it to our scheduled June 16 cesarean date. I see the doctor on Monday and believe we might be moving it up a few days. My preference is to be AT LEAST 38 weeks, but the doctor will know best.

Reality set in yesterday afternoon when I received a phone call from my doctor’s nurse instructing me to go straight to Labor & Delivery at the hospital. I had been having some strange symptoms (I’ll spare you the details) since last Friday and after one week, finally decided to call the doctor. They sent me straight to the hospital for testing. Everything was A-okay and we’re back at home now, still pregnant, and doing great. We did get to listen to baby’s heart beat for a solid 1.5 hours. Very cool. And very strong. Every time Peanut kicked, it sent the monitor into panic mode. Our baby is strong! In fact, the nurse at one point asked me if I was feeling contractions…she said the monitor showed “irritation”. My response? “Oh, that’s just the baby kicking…when he/she kicks, my entire body moves.”

The hospital also confirmed what I suppose I already knew. Something I’d been told from my doctor more than once. They gently explained that a cesarean was my only option. Unless I want to experience a broken pelvis, or for my babies to be born with broken collar bones, I am destined for cesarean deliveries. I still sometimes struggle with feeling like I’ve failed somehow because of the C-sections, but every second opinion/confirmation is reassuring.

So, to summarize, pregnancy #2 is still going well. We see the doctor on Monday and will soon know more about our future birth date. I’ll keep you posted.

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bethany said...

Glad to hear you and peanut are doing well. Hang in there. He/She will be here before you know it! Good luck at the doctor today!!