Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Henry's 9 month pictures

We were blessed with nice weather (the temp was above 70) for Henry's 9 month pictures. The Botanical Gardens at OSU were busy with activity and Henry was busy watching and learning. We had a hard time getting him to smile, something that almost never happens, but left with some great pictures regardless. To see all of Henry's 9 month pictures, go to

He's getting excited...hold on to your horses, everyone!

If you're happy and you know it...

A pinecone, eh? I've never seen a pinecone before.

"Mmmm"...if only you could hear the noise he was making. This face makes a frequent appearence during feeding. Especially when its peas or prune night. Or in this case, pinecone night.

Ah, we finally caught a smile.

Mad he forgot he wasn't smiling for pictures today.

To heck with no smiling, I've got seven teeth to show off!


Brooke and Peter said...

it's official. cutest baby EVER. my poor kid has no chance of being that cute! i don't see how it's possible!

Trisha said...

Hi Michal!

I ran across your blog from Ashlee's and wanted to say hey. Henry is such a doll! Looks like you are having a ton of fun with him... so precious!

HAve a good one!
Trisha Wooderson

The Brush Family said...

he is such a doll. are all these pics professional? or are you just an awsome photographer?? i wish i could take good pics of my babies. i'm thinking of taking a class.