Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun times in Stilly

When we got home from work, Henry and I made camp on the living room floor. We played all evening.

Henry loves being outdoors. It was too cold to go out today, but Henry and I looked out the window and counted trees, name it, we counted it.

After his bath, Henry practiced the piano.

Mom: "Okay, Henry. This time, smile with your eyes."

Check out those buns! Ruff, ruff!!

Can you see my dimples? Do you think I need a longer robe?

The fun continued the following morning while Henry and I waited for Candice. Henry's favorite book right now is Ten Chuckling Ducklings. Most days, he chooses it over his toys.

"Ten chuckling ducklings, waddling in a line. One made a fun new friend, so that left..."

It's early, but this cowboy is raring to go!

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