Sunday, February 15, 2009

Henry's Well Child Check & February Birthdays

On January 29, Henry had his nine month Well Child Check with Dr. Wilsey. He was 30.5 inches long (95th percentile), 23 lbs and 5.2 oz (75th percentile), and his little, make that big, head was 19 inches around (95th percentile). We actually left the doctor's office with an appointment the following Monday at Stillwater Medical Center. Dr. Wilsey ordered an ultrasound of Henry's brain! She said there was a .0001% chance anything was wrong, but wanted to rule out all problems (the word "hydrocephalus" was mentioned). Because Henry's head was at 50% when he was born, and had jumped to 95% just nine months later, Dr. Wilsey was concerned not with the size of his head, but with how quickly it had grown. She actually measured my head, and Wade's. Apparently, I have a HUGE the 98th percentile. Wade was well over 90%, so his brain isn't small either. Who knew we were such a big headed family?! We laugh about it now, but we were pretty uptight during the time between our first doctor's appointment (Thursday) and the afternoon the nurse called us with a good ultrasound report (Wednesday). What a week!

Me and my big head make dirt look good

On the 1st, the Shaw's went to Blackwell to celebrate all the Riseling February birthdays - Grandmother Happy, Mom/Grandma, Ann, Creyton and Lily. Did I miss anyone? Henry and Lily gave kisses and read books together...adorable. They're just three months apart...Henry's the biggest, and Lily is the oldest.

Lily and Grandmother Happy

Henry and Aunt Ann

Back at Grandma's house, Grandpa tried to tickle my face to get me to fall asleep. Works everytime.

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Brooke and Peter said...

i had no idea I knew such a big headed family... I am so proud to know you all!! glad it all turned out fine for real... that waiting until the appointment would make me a bit cranky and irritable no doubt!