Monday, April 1, 2013

It's a Bug Eat Bug World

A few Saturdays ago, I greeted Henry with a good morning hug and a question. "Henry, what would you like to do today," I asked. Without pause or hesitation, Henry grinned..."Go to the Dinosaur Museum, Mommy." And I thought, why the heck not. So, we loaded the CRV for an impromptu trip.

The leg bone of a very VERY big dinosaur...a dinsaur I can't recall the name of.

Walk the Dinosaur by Queen Latifah, click HERE to sing along

Sam is awestruck

 Dinosaur bones, dinosaur bones...

Sam is also fascinated by molten lava. Guess he takes after his mom.

The dimple says it all.

I dare you to try and squish these bugs!

Poor Remy. Appears he had too much Ratatouille.

So glad Miss Molly could join us.

Floating his way to the Jurrasic era.

Until next time...

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