Saturday, April 6, 2013

Outnumbered, Part II

We had big plans for Monday...until we learned our plan (the Wondertorium) was closed on Monday. Sigh. So, after lunch, we bundled up and headed to the park instead. Thankfully the sun came out to join us.

Andrew and Henry in a deep debate about who should slide down first.

Henry won the first argument.

But Andrew wasn't far behind.

Our little spider men

We may be small, but we're mighty.

Addison's hair had a party every time she encountered the slide.

My handsome deep thinker.

After we tired of the park, we hit the gardens...ah, the gardens.
Hansel and Gretel

Henry and Sam like the taste of fresh air.

Pirate or ballerina

Fourth position

Definitely pirate

Whatever she wants to be.
L.O.V.E. her.

Saving a seat for his sweet heart.

The last supper.

Some of us needed wine. We had definitely earned it.

The last sword fight.


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