Monday, June 24, 2013

Sam's Mickey Mouse Birthday

Sunday night...


My stomach aches...I just made the biggest blunder. I ERASED ALL of the pictures from your birthday party on Saturday. ALL of them. I'm just sick. I actually cried...really and truly. And now I can't sleep. I've tried to think of every possible way to retrieve the pictures. I even read through the camera manual. Unfortunately, the images are gone.

Although I have no evidence, it truly was a magical day. It was your first birthday party so I went the extra mile. You had a Mickey Mouse cake, which thankfully I snapped a picture of with my iPhone. I even added one of your Mickey figures on top. You had yellow, red and black polka dotted balloons. We even blew up an old Mylar balloon I'd saved from last fall. The balloon was as big as you and Mickey was driving a car. It only took you about 30 minutes to pop it, but until then, you carried it proudly from room to room.

I wrote the above two paragraphs BEFORE I found out about a special software that could restore erased images. Hallelujah! Only a handful of pictures were permanently lost. For this reason, and so many others, finishing this birthday post is special. I had intended to recount everything in words, but thankfully, now I can retell the day in pictures.

We had lots of Sam's favorites. You may know these as pigs-in-a-blanket, but on Sam's birthday they were Hot Diggity Dogs.

And Mickey's CLUBhouse Sandwiches. Yum.

Papa and his boys.
Sam had just stuffed his fourth Hot Diggity Dog into his mouth.

Milk does the body good.
And helps wash all those Hot Diggity Dogs down.

The most beautiful niece in all the world.
A big THANKS to Grandma and Papa for providing the entertainment. It POURED in Stillwater until the party. Thankfully, we aren't paticular enough about our yard to let a small mud lagoon stand in the way of our preplanned fun.
To avoid the river of water already flowing through the backyard, we had to inflate the pool/slide just off the back porch. This actually worked out quite nicely. Those choosing to stay inside with the A/C were still able to observe the fun through the living room windows.

Take note...Sam started the afternoon with a swim diaper, swim trunks and his swim shirt.

What our yard looked like after the fun.
Okay, so this may be a slight exaggeration...but it's not far from reality. Thankfully, one week later and it has pretty much returned to normal.
Paula and Leo


Mom being Mom
(Love her so much.)

You can only see his bottom half in this picture (climbing up the ladder), but Sam has shed his swim shirt and is down to his diaper and trunks.

Blake and sweet Blakley

Trip ruled the pool...I think he had a good time, yes?
(This means we need to see more of him...hint, hint.)

Miss Lily Davis

This picture doesn't mean much unless you're a Riseling and knew my Grandmother Happy. Loved seeing Leo play with Aunt Linda's bracelets.
Love you, Grandmother.

It was only a matter of time. We're down to the diaper, folks.


Happy Birthday to You, Sam!

The seven reasons I was heartbroken when I thought I'd lost these pictures...
1. Trip
2. Leo
3. Henry
4. Molly
5. Sam
6. Lily
7. Blakley

All of the cousin babies were there except for Peighton. We missed you, Peighton!

A Totally Ticklish Mickey from Aunt Linda and Uncle Tony. How appropriate. And oh how much he LOVES it! Sam's dimples never lie.

Sam crashed before his last guest left...a good time was had by all. Especially the birthday boy.

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Loving Life by Leesa said...

I would have cried too! So thankful for super technology to save accidents like that!! The party looks like so much fun!