Friday, June 7, 2013

Blake, the Hero

Good friends came to Stillwater to visit the Wondertorium last Saturday. At the Wondertorium, which was a hit, we learned about Stillwater Safety Day. According to the Wondertorium staff, there were ambulances and helicopters (and free hot dogs) at the Fairgrounds, just waiting for little boys to climb all over them. And that folks, was all it took. Henry, Sam and John were drooling at the mouth.

At Safety Day, we ran in to Cousin Blake, who is a helicopter medic/EMT. Blake is now a hero at our house. He showed the boys his helicopter, all the bells and whistles and even let Sam wear his helmet.

Pilot Sam


Flying 101
Such a treat to spend the morning with our friend, John, and his momma.

He stole my heart.

Learning the ins and outs of water patrolling.


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