Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cheetahs, Meerkats and Water

The boys and I took advantage of a long weekend and gallivanted to the zoo. Sometimes I think Henry and Sam are more excited to climb on the bronze animals than to actually see the real ones. Although when asked which animal he wanted to see first, without pause, Henry said he wanted to go straight to the cheetahs. "The cheetah is my FAVORITE animal, Mommy!," he said. Sadly, we saw no cheetahs, but the number of bronze animals we climbed on seemed to make up for it.

When I asked Sam what animal he wanted to see, he said a dog. they have dogs at the zoo? Pluto is next week...hopefully Mickey's dog will trump all other dogs.
Trying to understand and process when I tell him we will see no dogs at the zoo today.

At first glance I thought Sam was growling like a lion...then I realized Henry was using Sam's fingers as a launching pad.

At least one of them will mile for the camera.

Sam and Mr. Sumatra Tiger were making faces. I tried to explain that it wasn't polite to stick your tongue out, but Sam wouldn't listen.

Next, we watched the zoo keepers clean and feed the elephants.

Watching the elephants eat made Sam hungry too.

A gold fish smile

The highlight for me was watching a momma gorilla and her baby.

The highlight for Sam was the meerkats. They always put on a good show.

Dead or sun bathing? We didn't stick around long enough to find out.

And finally, we discovered WATER in the Children's Zoo. How have we not seen this until now?! We go to the zoo ALL THE TIME. Needless to say, we spent a good amount of time here...and we were very unprepared. All of the other kids had their swim trunks and suits on. But not my boys. They dove right into the stream in their everyday clothes and cotton underwear. Thankfully, this was our last stop of the day. Both boys rode home naked in their car seats.

There's something about the Shaw boys and that bottom lip...they just love to stick it out when they concentrate.

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