Friday, June 21, 2013

Dusty Dirt Finale

This week was bittersweet for Team Dusty Dirt. It was our last week of Wee Ball.

For Tuesday's game, we showed up an hour early (unintentionally) so we opted to kill the hour by treating ourselves to dinner at McAlister's, which is just a hop, skip and jump away from the field. Henry hydrated on lemonade prior to facing the heat.

I was fortunate to serve as the amateur photographer for Team Dusty Dirt and did my best to capture their sweet faces during our last two games.

Isaiah's biggest fans
Two of Noah's biggest fans
(I'm a bit partial to this one.)
How Henry spent most of his time on the field...
Well, that, or with his glove over his face and his body pointed in the opposite direction of home plate.
Team Dusty Dirt
(or, at least those of us who were there on Tuesday)

Shenanigans on the field
Future Dusty Dirt wee players
Clapping for Big Brother
Someday, Sam, someday...
And when he finally gave up charging the field, Sam resorted to flying his airplanes on the sidelines.
We ended the season right. With ice cream at Orange Leaf.


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