Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Sapphire Sharks

I give you Henry's first introduction to soccer. His first practice. And his first game. All rolled up into one hour. A true 'sink or swim' experience.

"Hello boys and girls. Meet your team. We're the blue team. Do you want a name? How about the Sapphire Sharks? Yeah, the Sapphire Sharks. Our game starts in 5 minutes. Just remember to kick the ball."

That pretty much sums up our first 5 minute practice, seconds before our first game.

And aside from kicking the ball towards the wrong goal, and running while holding the ball in their hands (think rugby), it turned out alright.

We were so pleased when David showed up. A friend we knew! Here, I believe Henry is helping David get stretched out before the game. There was a lot of ball carrying, so it was important to stretch those arms!

Reviewing the it would help.

We got this, David. I mean. We are the Sapphire Sharks, after all.

Should we huddle too, Coach?

More stretching...again, like it would help.

Ready, set, GO!

The Sapphire Sharks' #1 Fan

Go Henry!

I think she's done.

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