Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mother's Day, Part II

Mother's Day couldn't have been any more perfect. I spent the day with my mom, and being mom to my two beautiful boys.

Playing Angry Birds with Grandma before breakfast. One on each knee.

Papa's rock pile (aka. gravel road) - one of our favorite things

Henry makes Molly belly laugh

Let's go fly a kite!

Fishing with Papa

Grandma and Sam watched from a distance...we knew the closer Sam was to the water, the more noise, and the less likely the fish would be to bite.

Here comes Sam...let the games begin!

And he's got his marshmallow gun! Look out fish! Little man prefers spearfishing with marshmallows in lieu of a hook and worm.

Such a good big brother...most days

Trying to escape Sam and his noise

But Sam followed...

Sam isn't afraid to stand alone...I love my strong little man. Taller than the mountains, deeper than the ocean.

Look who's got the gun now
The boys knew if they asked, I'd probably tell them "no more chips". So instead of asking, they filled their pockets with Frito's and found a hidey-hole in the back of Papa's truck. I caught them red-handed.

I'm pretty sure Sam couldn't have climbed into the truck bed all by himself. He had to have had a hoist from his big brother, who was smart enough to know that if he involved Sam, he could pin the blame on someone else.

Sam didn't seem to mind. The game did involve food, after all.


Looking a wee bit disappointed that his pockets were emptied and the last Frito gone.

Sam and his dinosaur crashed on the living room floor shortly after filling his belly.

Just one of the bazillion reasons I LOVE my boys. My dirt covered, dinosaur loving, big hearted monsters.



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