Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wherever the Road Leads

I was blessed with an unexpected surprise last week when I discovered I had six vacation days to squeeze in before May 23, my work anniversary. It was use them, or loose them, so I made finding a few days to vacation a priority.
I took two vacation days this week. I planned nothing...I had no agenda...I didn't clean (or, at least not much)...and it was pure heaven. The days definitely did my spirit good.
I let the road do the leading.
 Some of the things I saw during my travels...
I'll definitely be bringing the boys back to this tree. Their feet will be off the ground in no time.

And low and behold, across the street, the church where Wade and I tied the knot.

I spent the majority of my time in our flower beds. Love my roses and new blooms.

I want a River Birch.

This stone bench, or one just like it, is high on my wish list. I have a place reserved for it on the top of our hill, under the tree.

I could have laid here all day...and almost did.

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