Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day, Part I

We started celebrating on Saturday with a Mother's Day lunch with Mamaw and Papaw Shaw. It was the traditional Sunday-after-church roast, carrots, potatoes and Rhodes rolls. And we finished it off with peach pie. It was a gift to treat my mother-in-law and enjoy lunch together. She is beautiful, inside and out, loves me like I'm her own, and adores her grandchildren. I couldn't ask for more.

After lunch, we packed our bags for Grandma and Papa's house. 
Waiting to leave for Grandma and Papa's

As hard as he tried, Sam just couldn't keep his eyes open.

When we arrived at Papa's, the boys quickly discovered a caged rabbit on the back porch. Apparently it had been eating Grandma's flowers and had been trapped earlier that afternoon. Papa was saving it for the boys...and before they could become too attached, we drove down the country roads and released it. Hopefully far enough away from Grandma's garden that it won't find it's way back.
Waving goodbye to Mr. Cottontail

Henry was so impressed with Mr. Cottontail's mad jumping skills that he was anxious to catch another bunny and repeat the entire adventure.

This beauty was waiting for us when we returned.

We spent the rest of the evening doing what we do best. Chillaxin on the front porch while watching the sun go down.

Time to get those grubby little hands and feet clean. The boys LOVE admiring themselves and making funny faces in the mirror.

Trying to spell 'Henry'

Only five years old and already growing a beard

Molly's first time to bathe with two hoodlums.

I think Molly was trying to spell 'BOYS'.

Perfect 'O' placement

Finding Waldo before bed


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