Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dusty Dirt II

Daddy giving Henry instructions. "Most importantly, WATCH THE BALL," says Dad.

First pitch. Henry watches a bird fly overhead while William kicks up dirt. Welcome to T-Ball.

Second pitch. I'm guessing there was a butterfly in right field.

More coaching.

Zoe at catcher. She means business, folks.

It was during this shot when I realized Henry was LONG overdue for a hair cut. I scheduled appointments first thing the following morning.

Thank goodness for Sid, who kept Sam at bay. (Except for those two times he charged the field...)


Zoe likes to snap her fingers at third base.

Finally the teams playing on the field next to us left and Sam got to show off his skills.

He was so excited to be standing on the pitching mound that he could hardly stand it!

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