Monday, February 8, 2010

This, that and the other

I've been poorly neglecting our blog. Family, forgive me? January was a fury of activity and there was little time for anything but chasing Henry, planning wedding showers, and catching much needed shut-eye on Peanut's behalf.

Top 10 January Happenings:

10) Henry had to have his head glued. And our first experience with glue was not a pleasant one. Little Bit was running at "school" and fell and hit his noggin on a door hinge. Henry runs everywhere he goes, so it was only a matter of time... When childcare FINALLY got in touch with me (they tried calling my office and cell for at least 45 minutes, but I was in meetings all afternoon...when I got to the phone I had a bazillion about sending me into a panic) they explained what had happened, that Henry's head wouldn't stop bleeding, and that he may need stitches. I had my little man in my arms in less than 10 minutes. The cut wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined (I have an overbalance of imagination), but I decided to take him to visit his pediatrician just for safe measure. Unfortunately, our pediatrician was out of the office that afternoon and we had to defer to the Walk-In...not my favorite place to be, but I'm glad it's there for emergencies. After looking at Henry's head, the default doctor decided glue would be more appropriate than stitches...thought it would leave less scaring and be less traumatic for Henry. Or so I was told. Little did we know the "trauma" room they transferred us to would be 101 degrees Fahrenheit (and on the day I wore my thickest maternity beast of a sweater), that I would have to hold Henry on my pregnant lap and restrain him, that he would have an allergic reaction to the numbing cream, which didn't numb a darn thing, or that we'd be there for umpteenth hours watching for any further signs of breakout, swelling, etc...all due to the numbing cream, not the battle wound. Wade flew in the door just as the doctor was leaving. I told him that he was taking us out for dinner that night.

Stay tuned for other top happenings...

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Cindy said...

oh man, what a day! I'm laughing at your last comment. You definitely deserved dinner out that night.