Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bunk Beds

7) Henry got bunk beds! Wade and I debated on whether to invest in a second crib, or to promote Henry to a big boy bed. Big boy bed won. And bonus - we now have a bed for visitors. Deral and Becca - no more hotel room...unless you need an escape from two crazy kids.

We got full-on-full bunk beds, which will give Henry plenty of room to grow, and my mom a comfortable place to sleep while she's helping with Peanut those first few weeks. Notice I said first "few" weeks, Mom.

Henry LOVES his new bed(s). Instead of turning the third bedroom into a nursery and moving all of Henry's furniture, we decided to move Henry. Doing this allows Henry to migrate to his big boy bed when ready. No kicking him out of his crib when baby comes. We've spent lots of time in his new room already. Henry has enjoyed breaking in the matress (i.e. jumping on his bed) and moving his favorite animals from room to room.

Sitting like a king (w/ goldfish in hand) on top of his big boy bed

There's two, Momma! Look up!

Our growing cowboy

Howdy Partner

Anytime we ask Henry to say "cheese" this is the result


Brooke and Peter said...

what a cute cowboy... now he knows his boots can't go to bed with him in his new bed right?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, is a Big Boy bed big enough for 2 Big Dunns? (Or two mid-size Dunns)?

Jessica said...

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