Tuesday, February 9, 2010


9) My wonderful cat, Deuteronomy, finally kicked the bucket. Deuter had been with me half as long as I've been alive. He was 18...his first 3 years were spent in Dumas. I "inherited" Deuter from my double cousins and have loved him ever since. For an 18-year-old Persian cat, Deuter was in excellent health...aside from the constant stress of Henry chasing after him. Then, one night last month Deuter had a stroke, or seizure...the doctor wasn't sure which, but she explained there was nothing we could do for him. The decision to put him down wasn't nearly as difficult as watching him suffer throughout the night. I'm thankful he didn't have to suffer long...and that we no longer have a litter box or hairballs to clean up (trying to focus on the positives). Wade was such a champ for putting up with Deuter for so long...I know he was never a Deuter fan, but I appreciate all that he did for my cat. I love you, Wade, and it means the world to me that you not only tolerated, but helped me take care of Deuter.


Ash said...

Oh Deuter...you beloved cat of old. You will be missed dear friend. You always brought so much joy to your owner's and my face as we laughed about what a stinker you were. Yours was a life to make a movie out of...possibly a Lifetime movie???

Sorry for your loss Mike =(

Carissa said...

Oh no! I am so sorry Michal. I loved good old Deuter. Thinking about you...so sorry about the loss!

Cindy said...

Noo!!! I'm so sorry about Deuter. He was the coolest and fluffiest cat I ever knew.