Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary

6) Wade and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. We celebrated with a sitter (for Henry, not us), dinner and a movie. It was only the second movie we had seen together since Henry was born. I think we'll be doing date nights more was SO NICE. Wade also surprised me with one dozen roses. Made all the girls at work jealous. Such a stud, my husband.

5) Wade and I got a weekend off from parenting. Even better than a date night! Not that we don't LOVE our time with Henry, but the two days alone were much needed. I've been more tired with this pregnancy than with Henry. Probably because when I was pregnant with Henry, I was able to come home from work, make a nutritionally sound and scrumptious meal, put up my feet, and relax. Those days are long gone. With this pregnancy, as soon as I leave my 8 - 5 job, I come home to my second (and absolute favorite) job - Mom. Henry and I play, go to the library, go for a walk, build with our Lego's, and eat starch. The boy loves his peas and macaroni. At least he likes vegetables and fruit, which I always crave...pregnant or not. But there is no time for perfectly balanced meals, the putting up of feet, or relaxing. At least not until 9 PM, which has become bedtime for me. As soon as Henry's head hits his pillow...or mattress, no pillow does mine. And then of course I get up several times throughout the night. Apparently my bladder is Peanut's pillow.

All that to say, for much of our weekend off we slept. And when we weren't sleeping, we were working on putting together Henry's big boy room. Picking out a new ceiling fan, curtains, moving furniture (Wade did most of the heavy lifting), and hanging blinds. And when we weren't sleeping or working, we were catching up on LOST. We are addicts.

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