Monday, January 4, 2010

Branson...where country music stars go to die

We were enjoying our time in Branson so much that we decided Saturday morning to go to Springfield. (It didn't help that it rained all day on Saturday.) Knowing the largest Bass Pro on the planet was in Springfield, we loaded the car, excited for Henry to see lots of animals. Bass Pro did not disappoint...we saw elephants, every bear, antelope, and deer species you can imagine, reindeer, live alligators, and Henry even got a second chance to view the funny looking bearded man up close and personal.

Checking out Santa's reindeer

Playing with other kiddies on the slide, while mom waited in line for Santa.

After the second time on Santa's knee, Henry decided he wasn't a fan.

Exhausted after looking at dead animals all day.

On the way home...well, not exactly on the way...we stopped in Blackwell so that Henry could stretch his legs.

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Leesa said...

Branson is a fun place to go if you know what you're looking for :) Ask me sometime when the kids get a little bigger, I can tell you some great fun / dinner spots you'll love. I still say Henry is the most beautiful boy I've seen in a long time :)