Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hello, Kay County!

Earlier this month, the Shaw's gallivanted to Blackwell to partake in the annual Kay County Free Fair. As soon as we set foot on the fairgrounds, Henry and Sam had their eyes on the SUPER SLIDE. Papa bought the boys enough tickets for each of them to ride four rides. The SUPER SLIDE was their first stop.

I wondered if Henry would actually go down once he climbed to the top. It took a lot of convincing last year. This year he was fearless.

"That was AWESOME," were the first words out of his mouth.

Sam has always been fearless (much to my chagrin). I'm not quite sure he met the height criteria for the slide, but he was able to sneak pass staff and followed big brother to the top. He caught some air while flying down...and was much too fast for me to snap a photo.

Ride #2 = The Carousel

For their third ride, the boys decided to be a bit more daring and hit the flying cars.


Look out! Sam is in the driver's seat!

Once they figured out how to make the car fly, they were unstoppable.

Sam picked the last ride. Our boy loves his fish!


And the petting zoo and 4-H barn before high tailing it home.

Molly's first cotton candy

We ended the night with Lincoln Logs at Grandma and Papa's house.

This is pretty typical. Notice while Henry and Molly kiss, our Sam is being Godzilla in the background. This picture explains their personalities perfectly.

A fun time was had by all.

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