Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy's Pond

We did a whole lot of nothing this weekend and it was absolutely WONDERFUL. Saturday we did some things around the house, but mostly we were just lazy. Sunday we spent the day visiting Grandma and Papa in Blackwell. Aunt Susan and Reid were in town, and Ann, Omar and Molly came up too. We spent most of the day in 'Happy's Pond' doubt she was smiling down on us.

Grandmother - You would have loved yesterday...we spent the day in your living room and around the pool. Henry has grown so much. He can touch at either end of the pool now. He's so proud that he no longer needs a life jacket.

Henry misses you and asked Grandma about you a few weeks ago. Mom told Henry some funny stories she remembers. One was about a time you were riding in the convertible and a bug landed in the front seat...apparently you went a little crazy and were so scared you had a hard time catching your breath. Henry loved the story and has retold a variation of it to me several times since.
Sam loves to jump from the side of the pool. As soon as he hits the water, he looks at everyone on the patio and waits for applause. He's not satisfied until we all yell "yay, Sam!" Then he just grins and paddles back to the stairs to climb out and do the whole routine over and over again. He's still ornery and stubborn...he's still your 'Gus'.

You would be over-the-moon for Molly. Everyone is. She is gorgeous and just as sweet as can be. She started walking this summer and she can say some words. Her favorite thing to say, or at least what I've heard her say most is, "one more, one more," which she says when she's eating.



Love you, Grandmother. We missed you yesterday, and every day. And we think of and remember you every time we're together.








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