Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Leo!

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Leo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!
Sam was the self proclaimed balloon blower upper.

And Lily - the bubble blower upper.
Molly's only assignment was to look cute and make everyone swoon. Done.
Such a precious, happy family. Love you, Marlen Family.
More outdoor recreation
Can you tell they're sisters?
The tissue paper was clearly THE most exciting gift.
Such a proud daddy
Papa's Mini-Me
Sweet Blakley and Sam mastered the stairs during all of the party hoopla.

The original plan for last Saturday was for Wade to join our Life Group at the Stockyards for a Cattleman's steak, while I towed the boys home and to bed after Leo's party. We drove two cars to OKC with this in mind.
But Wade can be pretty, we drove two cars to Leo's, and the same two cars to Cattleman's, and then back home. So much for saving gas money. But the good company and steak (and wine) were completely worth it.
Before steaks...

No one can make Henry laugh like his brother can.

And with a face like that, can you blame him?!


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