Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Day Out With Thomas

The day before leaving for Rhode Island, we took the boys on a date with Thomas. Choo, choo!
Unfortunately it rained poured. The. Entire. Morning.

But the rain didn't stop us. Especially our Sam.

In fact, I'm pretty sure Sam went looking for THE biggest puddles to splash in and jump over. And Henry wasn't far behind.

The rain somehow made the day MORE enjoyable for the boys. And this would be one of the many reasons I'm over-the-moon for our children. They make lemonade from every lemon.
Oh to see through the eyes of a child.

Wade was super excited to have his picture taken with Sir Topenhat. Can't you tell? Just look at that smile.

While we waited to board Thomas, both boys picked out a new train. Sam was glued to Patchwork Hiro.

Henry's first tattoo. He opted for the dragon. Of course.

Sam was all over Thomas. It barely fit on his little hand.

Sam was so in love, he actually tried to digest Thomas later that morning.

And Henry's choice of train, Santa's Little Engine.

More shenanigans on the train...


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