Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why mommies are sometimes late

I give you a morning at the Shaw house...

6:00 AM - My alarm rings. I crawl out of bed and into the shower.
6:30 AM - I hear Henry crawl into bed with his brother. We laugh and giggle in Sam's room for several minutes and then head to the kitchen for breakfast.
6:40 AM - Breakfast is served. This particular morning it was cereal bars, banana and milk.
6:41 AM - I leave the kitchen for 1 minute. Literally.
6:42 AM - I return to an empty kitchen. Henry and Sam are now sitting comfortably on the couch enjoying breakfast, Mickey Mouse, and each other. Only half of Sam's cereal bar has actually made it to his mouth. The other half has been ground into the sofa.

Sam is obviously not a fan of Daisy Duck.

When no one is watching, Henry gives sugar to little brother.

Notice Henry's arm around Sam.

6:42 AM - I take a deep breath, tell myself "at least they're entertained" and realize now is my chance to finish getting ready. I leave the living room to dress and do my make-up and hair.
6:55 AM - I leave the bedroom midway through make-up to remove Sam's breakfast crumbs from the sofa. (The steam from Wade's shower was making me melt.)
7:00 AM - I return to the bedroom to find Henry and Sam in my make-up. And make-up rubbed into the sheets.

7:01 AM - I return make-up to bag. Say "to heck with my hair and make-up" and take Sam to get dressed.
7:02 AM - I change Sam's diaper and get him dressed for school.
7:05 AM - Sam poops in diaper.
7:07 AM - I change Sam's diaper again.
7:10 AM - I help Henry "go potty" and get him dressed.
7:15 AM - We refill milk cups for the road, pack bags for the day, pack my lunch and load the car.
7:30 AM - We head out the door. On time. Barely.
7:31 AM - Sam poops again.
7:32 AM - We unbuckle the boys and return to the house to change Sam.
7:40 AM - Sam is now wearing diaper #3.
7:45 AM - Boys are re-buckled and we're off. Fifteen minutes behind schedule. And finally, we stop at each and every cross walk between our house and the CDL for students with an 8:00 M-W-F class. There had to have been at least 500 of them.

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The Barnyards said...

This really made me smile!!! Boy do I understand!!