Sunday, August 7, 2011

He earned his wings

Yes, after months of only going potty at school Henry FINALLY decided it was time to potty at home. Every day I would ask Henry, multiple times, “Henry, do you need to go potty?” And each time Henry would answer, “No, mommy. I went potty at school.” Or my favorite, “No, mommy. I went potty yesterday.” So, assuming this day would be no different, I asked Henry, “Henry, honey…do you want to try to potty?” And to my surprise, Henry said yes. I got his potty out, he aimed, he fired, and he DID IT! We celebrated, did a potty dance, and he got to get Buzz off the mantle and open him. It was a BIG deal. We have our good potty days, and our bad. But we’re finally making progress.

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