Wednesday, August 10, 2011

“Dud in the mud”

The CDL has been closed the first two weeks of August and the boys have enjoyed some time at home with their new friend, Hadley. What a blessing. Henry and Sam LOVE her. Mommy and daddy love her too. But as much as we've all enjoyed a slower pace this month, the boys have been getting restless. So, Friday night we loaded up and enjoyed a night on the town. First stop was Chili's to grab some grub. Second stop was Hastings to play with the Thomas train. Next we treated Henry to some ice cream at Orange Leaf. And last but certainly not least, we drove out to Lake McMurtry to watch the sunset and skip rocks. Henry’s favorite pastime. Anytime daddy would skip a rock Henry would yell, “Whoa, that was a skipper!” As Henry threw, barely getting the rock to water, he would say in his deepest manliest tone, “Dud in the mud.”

It's no wonder Henry's rocks barely made it to water. The rocks he chose were equal to him in weight.

While Henry and dad had a their rock skipping contest, Sam and I enjoyed the cool (okay, slightly warm) breeze from the lake and the peaceful evening.

It's been so dry, the grass was crunchy under Sam's feet.

Ker plunk

It was a fun evening. One I look forward to repeating again soon. I’m even trying to convince Wade that a night...make that several nights...under the stars with the boys should be on our To Do list this fall. There's just something about spending a quiet evening near water. It's peaceful. It's calming. It rejuvenates my soul and never fails to remind me of the most important things in life.

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Ash said...

Ahhhh way to go on the gorgeous pics. I remember visiting that same spot with you many times..,,so calming! I sure miss watching the sun set... Especially with you! Mucho love