Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oklahoma heat wave

Extreme temperatures have pretty much confined us to our AC during much of the day. And we’re all getting restless. Some days I think I’d actually opt for a blizzard over the wicked heat. To beat the heat and still enjoy some daylight hours outside, we’ve been burning energy outdoors in the morning. This particular morning we visited the local farmer’s market and then spent an hour playing at the nearby park. The boys LOVED it. Only problem is now EVERY TIME we hit the farmer's market the boys want to spend an hour at the park. Not a bad problem to have.

Monkey on the monkey bars

Big brother showing Sam how to go down the slide feet first

Henry is much too mature and cool to smile for pictures anymore. The top of his head is usually the best I can do.

Sam in a bit of a pickle

Becoming frustrated with this whole slide thing...I mean, what's the point really? You slide down, climb back up, slide down again...way too much work for our Sam.

Peek-a-boo AROUND the slide was more Sam's style

After the park, we treated the boys to a smoothie - Henry's favorite thing. How strange that a 3-year-old would rather have a smoothie than ice cream. But that's our Henry.

Sam and his pink cheeks thinks his brother is a riot

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