Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Round #3

No chemo since June. Mom’s white blood cells are CRAWLING back, but at a snail’s pace. If counts have reached the 1500 threshold after blood work today then chemo will take place on Thursday. AND, there will be a shot that follows 24 hours later that should help w/ nausea. That shot, combined with the magic injections she’s now giving herself at home will hopefully keep counts elevated and chemo can resume on schedule. Every 21 days. It’s been so long since her last treatment that her head is getting fuzzy again. Although still fatigued and breathless after chasing Henry around the living room a couple of times, she’s feeling good. Just frustrated and ready to get another treatment under her belt. God is teaching us all to depend on Him.


Minnie said...

I keeping your Mom in my prayers for her count to be up so she can get on with the treatment and be totally healed!

The photos of your boys are precious and so are they!

Michal said...

Thanks, Minnie. Our family appreciates all of the prayers and support.