Tuesday, August 30, 2011

ICE, the Trick Pony

The last Friday of every month the OSUF family gathers for breakfast at 400 S. Monroe. (And it's Jeans Day - yay! But then again, every day is Jeans Day at St. Michael's Village - double yay!) This particular last Friday, we not only sported jeans and endulged in Joan's delicious grits, but we were treated with a show put on by one of our very own - Johnny Blasier and his trick horse, Ice. These names are not made up, folks. Ice can not only carry on a conversation with Johnny Blasier, but paints, lays down on command, rolls over, fishes, smiles for the camera, drinks from a water bottle, and my personal favorite, plays the guitar. Some of you may have seen Ice perform on the Jay Leno show or Animal Planet...maybe the video and pictures below will help jog your Animal Planet memory.

Our friends, Annie and Mary Kate

A bit unsure of Ice

Henry doing the touch and run

He thought Ice was pretty awesome. Thanks for the show Johnny!

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