Friday, March 23, 2012

Lions and tigers, but no bears...oh my!

Day 2. The boys and I met my mom and sister at the OKC Zoo. Poor Aunt Ann walked her pregnant self around for over two hours.

Inside, at the children's zoo, Sam squealed so much it sounded like he belonged with the piglets in the pig pen.

A word of advice for anyone planning a trip to the zoo. Do NOT buy the nectar. Save your $3. The birds will still climb all over you.

This poor gal was having a very bad hair day

Sam, of course, wants to do everything big brother does. He's never satisfied with the "two and under" slides. He wants to go down the same one brother goes down.

We lucked out in the cat forest. Mr. Lion came right to the window. He stayed drinking the water so long that we were all surprised the pond wasn't dry when he finally went back into hiding.

Yep. That's our Sam. Sticking mulch up the lion's nose.

We were also fortunate to see baby Maylee up close.

We were able to avoid the rain in OKC. It was sprinkling as we left Stillwater, but didn't rain a drop until we returned home.

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