Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It was a good day

Day 1 of 6 with my boys. Today's agenda included pancakes, the Oklahoma Wondertorium, a Chick-fil-A and blueberry picnic, haircuts, dinner with Mamaw and Papaw, and ended with playing barefoot in the rain. It was a good day.

Most days Henry and Sam wouldn't dream of having pancakes without thick maple syrup, but today was an exception. My hunch is that it had something to do with wanting to finish Nemo in the living room and knowing I wouldn't allow sticky maple fingers outside the kitchen.

Chilaxin in Daddy's chair whilst eating a pancake and watching Nemo.

The shark part gets him every time

At least if he's not going to eat it, it can serve as a nice hand rest

Our first EVER trip to the Oklahoma Wondertorium. Loved it so much we are now members...I foresee many more Wondertorium trips in our future.

Fun with dinos

Exploring the tree house

This was UTTERLY fantastic!

The water-proof apron was a wee bit big for Sam

Picnic and puddle pictures to come.

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